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Vendor information:


Vendor fees are as follows:


Hot food and open food vendors $100.00

Alcohol vendors $100.00

Produce vendors,artisans,information and canned food vendors/dry goods $25.00





The fair opens promptly at 900  am 


Fair opens for vendors at 6am to drive thru and unload. All vehicles must be removed by 8:30am from the road and the road will reopen at 7:00pm for loading up after fair. Carry in vendors are welcome at all times (This just means you are free to carry in or out, your vending booth, and supplies )

You are responsible for all trash removal , what you bring in you must take out. Waste and recycling facilities are very close to the site in the park and you are greatly encoruraged to recycle.



Hot food and Alcohol vendors must have their permits obtainable from city hall and follow city health code laws.


Your site will be appointed to you unless you need some specific location, unfortuantely we will not be able to grant every request but we will try to accomodate them within reason.


A vendor pack will be sent to by May1st giving you more details


If you have a Website and or logo and wish to be put on our vendors promotional material ( this is free and costs you nothing ) please send your email and logo to


Vending admissions close by June1st


All checks/money orders should be made out to St Louis Garlic Fest

mail to - garlic fest 251 Portico dr Chesterfield MO



If you require, electricty is provided, BUT you must provide your OWN extension cords and you must notify us that you need it for that option to be reserved for you, there is no extra charge for this.  

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